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heart. iffhe has to has to do ii."pope benedict &pxvi issnearll 86 ad says his mind and body are nn longer uu - to theejob."after haaing pepeatedll examined my - pcme to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advaacedd agg, are no longgr suited to pettine ministry."benedict took over as pope in 2005, as - the churchhwas facingg & declininngpopplarity in paats of the orld and worsening scandal ovvr the sexual abbse pf childden by prieets. some - have criticized hhimfor his handding oo that problem."we hope that pope benedicc will & use these lastttwo weeks of his term tt really make some ppotect iis ttday."benedict'' successor will be chosen by -3 the college oo carddnals some time after he steps down on februaryy 8tt. "tte church traces her continuuty alllthe wayyback through theeapostollc successioo o peter. so e will be looking for someone who is a verr articulate oicee in that continuity.""he -&pinvolved, ut he did appoint more than half of the cardinals makinggthe selectiin, so church oossrvers expect his successor oo continue his conser
ewsroom... pope benedict the 166h will resign as pppe... at the end of this month.what sudden deccsion... nnxt. - you're watchhnngfox 45 morning porniig. you're watchhnngfox 45 morning porniig. i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. try the new brownie batter donut. get any six donuts for $3.99. america runs on dunkin'. nope, no. sorry, love to but can't. i'm sorry, she's very busy. enjoy the rich taste of dunkin' mocha lattes and coffees. now in dark chocolate. indulge in one today. america runs on dunkin'. attention deficit disorrer. and deppression.on fox 45 news at five. - hartford, ctt 3snow 3 3 , it's our free-bru-ary giveawaa! giveaway!every day in february we'reegiving away 1000 dollars an oorr &phour.óóóóóó you have 30 pinutes to call us at the screen.if you don't call in.. your prize roolssover else to in!win!to get yoor nam box.. go to acebook dot com slash foxbaltimore and fill out the can also o thhre to read omplete contest ruless 3 395 175 3 3 &pwe are followingg breaking n
- developpng... pppe benedict the sixxeenth announces he will resign at the end of the popp to o so in nearly six- hhudred years. yearr.tte pontiff... making thh stunning announcement at a saying it's time for someone phhsically stronner to leed the catholic ccurch.popp beeedict says evvn though he is awaae of the serioosness of stepping doon... he just doesn't have the strength to carryyout his papal duties.the college of cardinals will now - hold a conclave to elect 3 130-135"they're looking for preserve the core teachings of the church, but also be a face for theechurch." church."holy ee watchers saa theee ddesn'ttappear to be any froot runnerr at this poinn but officials hope to have -& pope benedict's eplaccment by holy week.. wwich egins on marrh 24th..- 3& here in balttmore...there's plenty ofreection to ews of theepope's resignation. resignationnjohn ryddll.... p live... at the cathedral... off.. mary our queen... / wiih & more... on... how catholics... are reacting... po... thii stunningá... annouucemmnt.
((break 2)) worldwide reaction s pouringg pooe benedict the 16th that he - wiil retirr at the enn of this 3 came tto days before the start of lent... but the 85-year-old &ppapal leader says he doessnot &pinnhis capaccty as leaaer of the church.jennifee davis has details from washiigton. p &&p3 davisssays: "pope &&pbenedict the 11th, i the firss pope tt resign in nearly 600 years - and nnw thee -3 catholic hurch heads into uncharted territory."ccrdinal dolan says: "i have to be honnst, i'm as pf you." cardinal wwehrl & saay: "this is very & sttrtling. totally unpreparee for itt" evvn the pope'ssccrdinals and closest aidee diint see this ccming. the pope announcing this mooning hat he''l ressgn at the end of the month because he doesnt have he physiial strength to carry out his papal duties.(nats) in a - statemmnt the pppe xplaiied - i have had to reccgnize my 3 fulfill the ministry entrusted toomea"a&" hees had a relatively shhrt tenuree it -3 was just 2005 wen joseph cardinal ratzziger succe
develooing story out of the vatican...where it's reported thht pppe benedict the 16th... - month.tom rodgers is here withh more on the reasonnbehind it... plus ttdayys ther top storiess 3 the vaticcnnsays pope penediit told the cardinals oo the catholic church ... he's resigning "because of advanced age." pge."he went on to say . "ssrength of iid and bodyyare necessary, strength which in the last few months has deteriorated in me to the eetent that iihave haa too recognizz my incapacittytt addquately fulfilllthee ministty ennrusted toomee" 3 anne arundel countt will soon get a new leader... sooeone to replace john leopold....who - reeigned as county executive mmsconduct.the counny council has less than 30 days to elect p replacement.and thhs morning... marylandds former firsttlady... says she wants the job. job.kenddl ehrlich is no stranger to politicss.. and now she's orking on a cammaign of her own.lobbying - support ammng council pembbrs... wwom sheehopes will & psat of anne aaundel county executive.a position she says 3biggest strengths... name recogni
pope benedict & the 16th.......ffer his annnunceeent this morning. porniig.the 855 year old pooe saas he does not have thh -& strength to continue as leeder -3 of the church.even the pope's pardinals and clossst aides sseculation nowwbegins about who the colllgeeof cardinnls & porld's estimated one billion 3 3&pruddy says: "i -&pthink it s ore likely it - will be from europe or latin ameriia orranntter one of ttee pconttients. i think there is just too mmch concern that havvng aa amerrcan would be too much of a conccnnratiin of power n ameerca." america."" vaticcn -3&pspokesperssn says they hope is - easter.the lass pope to resign was pope gregory thh 12th... in 14-15 &p3 here inn baltimore...there's plenty of &prraation tt news of tte pope's toobaltimooe'sarchbishoo andd others...about today'sstunning nnooncement... announcement... 3 (nats)at the shrine of st. alphonsus...parishoners arrive for noon mass...havingalreadd heard the big news. pope become the ffrst pesiggn..siine the 1400's. & nwsswaa one of shock, i wass -
nats nats pope benedict the 16th deliverr his radditional sunday prayees for nearly tte thousands urned out to hear him sunday will be the ponniff's last holy day as the as leader of the roman cathollc churchhhis resiinatiin ttkes effect the 3 3& the conclave of ccrdinalss could called sooner than expected to choose a newwpope. & benedict the 16th's impending resignation... tte vatican now sayssit plans to elect a ew leadee efore easter. a 3 conclave coull start before march 15th... if all 117 of the church's cardinals are in rome.3 a dolphin is givee a seconn chance a life thanks to the hhep of sooe 3 polppin got entangled in a california coast. after tryiig to swim way from &&pcrews ... they were finally able to grab the dolppin releasing him ffom the metal fishing hook. 3 ssventeee lemmus have been relocated to aazoo -3 in hina to participate in a faa camp. the animals were found to be overwweight ecause of their rich diit and lack of physical actiiity. some o
their oww.could the search take a turn south of thh -3 border? 3& and new details about a 3 benedict he siittenth has &pbeen dealing with for yyars... ccmiig up. 3 & 3 --adblib weaahee tz-- the... argestt manhunt... in... southern &pcalifornia history... continnes.../. policee.. desperattly... &ppharged with... muudering a - police officer... in rivvrsidee../. riverside.../.wiiliam la 3the saga involling a rouge -3 former cop, turned murder 3 day.dozens offofficees trying & to close in on 33-year-old -3 chrrsttpher dorner....earching theewoodsswest of big bear - lake.neiman says: "thaa is ongoing nd continues as t has sincc the day ttat we - discovered eviience christopher ddrner or his vehiclee as in that area." &pfuulinn rumorssdorner may hhve -3ffeddto mexicc.officiall from the los angeles police &pdepartment will not comment, & but ay they're leaving no sttne unturned...neeian says: ""hh investigation involling many different direcciios based on information we develop..authoritiie also taking a look attsurveillance video showing
mutchler reporting. 3 pope benedict the 16th told a --3 crowd of thousands in saint peter's square that he'll be continuing with a life of ppayer. prayee.he mmde the &pannouncement eaalier today aa -3 bllssinn before he rettres. -3& earlier thissmontt,,the pontifffannounccd his resignation which willl ake ppaceethis week. -& the vatican has deniee rumors &pthat he's retiring over a report of a secret groop oo tt the vatican. 3 sequeetrationnalss threatees tte agriculture idustry...why ggvernment cuts... juuttmight pffect your gocery budget. 3 singing nats &pnats 3 and the special event the -3&pperrormed for and the inspiration for theer music. & 3 & jussin timberlake and jay z - .... n tour together.we've 3 herr in baltimooe..mmnday... on fox45 morning news. 3&p"singing nats" nnts" 3 sooe of thh greaa music from - the maryland state boys choir... which pprformed aa - theecolooial baptiit church in & aadaalstown eerlier today.the annnal african american celebration concert celebrrtes diveesityyand featurrs hymns, spirituals nd gos
serrices.popp benedict the sixxeenth dellveeed his pecond-to-last aagelus blessing yesterday..he vvtican estimated the crowd at more than 50-thousand people... but policeeput it at double that - number. his speech didn't direetly meetion his decisiin to resign... but asked loyal pilggims to prry for him - and & the next pope. 3 laisa says: "maybe he as health problems, but therees also problems inssde thh church. many things havv happened that weere not awaree áheá shoulddffce." ffce."the pope's wiil step traditionally... vatican - 15 to 20 days fttr the papacy is vacant to vote ffr the new vatican have hinted that ay start a new pope 3 p - san franciscoo49er fans are still paying up on ome lost pets. this time at the inner harbor. 3 thanks to the ravens super bowl win, a group of & will be ccecking out ripley'' 3 this mooring. joel d smmth is live there now to pell us who'' ffoting the &pbill,,and whicc attractionn pould be the ost popular. good mooning joel d. 3 3 3 &p3 a city rec center scheduled t
discussing -3 who will succeed pope benedict the 16th......after is ssrprise resiggntion this moonnng. &pmornnng..he eiggty-five yeer - old pope says he does not havee the ssrength to continue as -3 leaaer of theeccurrh.even the &ppope'' cardinals ann closest aidds did not see this coming great speculatton now begins & about who theecollege of cardinals will selecc to lead the world's estimattd onn billioo catholics. 3 ruddy says: "i -& thinkkit is more llkelyyit 3 america or another ne ffthe &pcontinentt. i thinkkthere is & jjst tooomuch concern that -3 havinggaa american would be too muchhof a concentration of ppweerin america.""- ameeica."a vaaican &psppkesperson says they hope is to have a new pope in place by in 14-15 p3 in baatimore.../ -3 there's... plenty of surprise... tt the popees....announcemenn...///. annnoucement...///.as... & the shrine... of... st..alphonsus... news..../.some... onder about hissphyyscal difficultiess.. t... agg william lori... was also he offered praiis for the
to why the pooe may haae chosen to step doww. 3 3 on february 11 pope benedict shocked the worrd hat e was stepping down at the end of the month....too ld nd oo piree to arry out his official dutiesbut a report pirst broken in theerrme 3 his reason for resigning was far more explossve: ssock at thh discovery of a netwwrk of gay priests at the vatican bllckmailed by a etwork of male prostitutesaccording to la repuubliia, the results of cardinnls assigned o look inno wrongdoing at the vatican were submitted to pope - benedict on december 17 last yearthe newspaper says the report also suggests serious & inanciil imprrprieties within phe vatican,amounting to violationn of the ssxxhhand seventh commandments - thou shall not steal ad thou shall not commit adultery.benedictt &pwas so hocked by the investigation's findings, the 3&presign.tte vattcaa has responded with uncharacteristicallyystrong &planguaae, saying these quote - "unverified, unverifiable or cooplettly false news stories cause erious damage too -3&ppersons and institutionss"and are
benedict thee -3 11tt told a roww of squareethat he'll be &pcontinuing with a life of this month, the pontiff announncd hiisresignation which willltake place febrraay - rumors thaa hh's esigning to & covee uu a gay conclave. denied thess uuorss cardinal roger mahony is answeeiig questions in los angeles abbut pedophile priests during is time as the -3cciy'ssarchbishop.& documents suggest ahhny knew priistss were sexxally abusing &childrenn but went out of his wwy to hield the mmn from -3 prosecution.mahony's deposition was expected to & take ffur hours.mmhony twweted h is heading to the aaican soon. e s one of the cardinalssthat will lect the next pope. 3 the new hampssirre department of heallh and hhman about ottntially contaminatedd "poland ssring water bottles." p moreettan three and five galloos containing gas pesidue or fumes have madd it - ttrough the ecycling prrcess. heelth ooffcials since november 2012 to ccecc forrpossibleeggs odors before usingg after 3 pesidents useddwate
cardinals ill haae to agree on a two thirds - majoriiy to elect the new pope. -333 when pope benedict the 16th's resignation takks effect in 3 for a papallpension.the catholic church typically oofers around 35- hhnnred dollars a monthh o retiredd bishops...but since this is -3 the firsttttme a pope has rrsigned in about 600 years... there isn't a standard pension amount for popes.when e retires.. pope benedict will -3 name... joseph atzinger. 3 &p recent mass shootings have mann people thinking of their family ssae. while some re turning to guns... others want adiffereet option. oppion. joee d. smith iss show us ii pepper spraa could be the nswer for you... but & also why a certificaaion could be necessary. ggoo 3 d. -3 3 3 3 3&pfress off a suuer bowl win, the ravensswill raise ticket pricessat m&t bank stadiim.& stadium.ttccets in he seattng bool will increeae by an average of 11 percenn this eason. season.its tte first price hike since 2009... when select &pseats wenn up anywheee from 5 dollars to 15 ollars per ticket.season
the other. i think retirrmeent it really meens us in retiremmnn, benedict will have a new name, bbu his new title has not yyt been 3 a securitt system deevlooee for the department of tested at a florida high school.
of he pope's plast sunday prayer serviiee. pope benedict the sixteenth pelivered his second-to-laat angelus blessing yesterday.the more han 50--hoosand peoplee.. but police put it at doubbe hat number. his sseech didn't directly meetion his decision to resign... but asked loyal pilgrims to pray - for him... and the next ope. p pieces of & presidential history are getting auctioned off in - massachusetts. one bidder spent 629- thousand-ddllars on this air force one bomber jacket oncc owned by president john f. kennedy. other they all come from the esttte of david powers ... former curator of the ohn f. kennedd library and museum. p,3 nnts of song songg & b siiger, mary j. blige might be singing the - blues over her financial issues.blige was hht with a 3 in the state of newwjerseyy ttissjust adds to her money problems.earliir this monnh, the singer alleggdly defaulted pn a bank loan..aad back in november, blige and herr - husband were hit with a pawsuit for failture to pay -3off another loon. 3 3 try yoga in the pool!pa
the rrsignatton of pope benedict the 16-th has pump-started an ancient and secreeive process tt replace spokesmannannounced thht there will be a nee pope by easter.... march 31-st. but the 118 members of thh college of cardinals will &pnot meet until tte pope -3& officially steps downnaa the whaa will be missing with this & pope'ssresignation is the period of mournnig and reflection that ttkes lace when a pope ddes. so its unclear whetherrthe cardinals will immediately gathherand o intooconccave or take a few days to get into the ood for electing a pope. 3 president obama delivvrsshhs fourth state of the union address tonnght beforr -3 congress..thh whiteehouse has said this is act tww from whht 3 address. -3 3 rrne marsh joons us live from washhngton, dc with a preview of what we can expect tonight. & 3 --rene on cammra-- the statt of the union is a presidentts & chaace to lay out his priorities in front of congresssand in front of the - ameeican ppople. --vo-- on thurrday, the presideet gavv deeocrats a preview of some of the areas w
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